We are both passionate about film-poetry and we are constantly looking for new channels to promote film poetry as a genre of poetry.  We have produced two thirty-minute film-poetry collections, Nothing in the Garden and I Live my Life Through Windows, and have worked independently with poets on single poems but we wanted to reach more poets and work more collaboratively. Helen had just finished filming Angela France performing her collection The Hill and we had become more familiar with the work of other Nine Arches poets and had great admiration for the press. Helen contacted the editor, Jane Commane, and a partnership was formed.

We’re still finding our feet with this work as the film poems are a hybrid form, a cross between promotional videos and film poems. We are still trying new ideas and testing the balance between the two genres, but the result is exciting. People new to poetry engage more easily with visual and auditory content, making film poems an ideal medium. The film-poems are not only viewed by Nine Arches existing readers and online audiences, but are a tool for their poets to engage more easily with their existing and new audiences.