Collective Training

Our next training will take place between January and June 2019 in Worcester, UK.
A face-to-face workshop will take place for a day each month for 6 months. First meeting on Saturday 26th January 2019.

Contact us for more details if you would like to be involved.

Collective Training
We want more poets to be inspired and equipped to make film poems and to discover the potential of film poetry. We’ve spent 5 years trying different training methods to find the best model for learning, and we think we’ve found it!
In 2018 we trained ten poets (only one had any prior experience) over a six-month period, meeting monthly. The group worked together as a ‘collective’ whereby each person was responsible for creating at least one film poem, but they also worked together using the skills of the rest of the group. And, of course, we were there, teaching, inspiring and encouraging. This resulted in the group presenting a final showing of sixteen film poems to an audience of fifty people.
Why does the collective model work so well? We think it is because:
  • There is no pressure at the beginning to achieve a quick result.
  • It takes most of us several months to begin to feel confident learning new technical skills.
  • Everyone is ‘in it together’, sharing any knowledge they bring with them and creating a shared experience along the way.

Some comments from the 2018 collective:

“The whole experience has been deeply enriching, both in terms of poetry film-making itself and also its impact on my wider creative practice.”

“The group leaders and members, and the relationships developed throughout, have been a wonderful source of inspiration, support and enjoyment.”

“My relationship with my own and others’ poems has shifted and deepened as a result of working in this way, enriching my writing practice.”

“It offers fresh opportunities for bringing your work to the world.”

“I wouldn’t have realised quite how much potential it offers to explore and experience poetry in new ways unless I’d actually made my own poetry films.”

“It became clear very quickly that tiny details mattered and made a significant difference. I wanted to do my films justice and so I kept at it, editing and editing, again and again over hours/days/weeks, until they worked.”

Here’s one of the films by Shauna Robertson from the collective.